Images with intention

Artist's Statement


I have made photographs for many years, following at times various schools, experimenting with techniques, working in darkrooms both primitive and sophisticated, and digitally capturing and manipulating images. The more techniques I try, the more convinced I become that:

·         How the image is achieved is unimportant; only the final image matters.

·         The image must have something to say – it must be about something, not just of something*.

For me, that “aboutness” occurs when an image induces the feeling that things are more than they appear, and it is a touchstone for photographs I admire. This doesn’t represent a photographic school as such, and images that work that way come from various photographers not otherwise seen as similar: Ralph Gibson, Robert Frank, and Bill Brandt, for example. They have all given us images that describe an intersection of the mundane with other dimensions.

Black-and-white (or other monochromatic) photographs often seem more able to capture that point of intersection, and I often work in monochrome, partly – though with many exceptions – depending on the subject. Landscapes, for example, I often see in colour, whereas nudes quite often demand a monochrome treatment.

I hope that you enjoy these images. If you have any questions or comments, please contact me and let me know about them.

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* I am indebted to my friend Demetrios Tsimon for this formulation.